What we do

Tree Removal

Unlike some services who only do tree removals, removal is only one of the many tree services we provide. If a valued old tree has become a hazard and needs to be removed ArborCarolina uses the best tools and techniques to ensure that trees come down safely and smoothly. Should a tree have fallen on your home, we are available to help you get your life and property back on track as quickly as possible using safe and proven skills.

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Tree Pruning

It’s easy to remove tree limbs without thought or reason and call that tree care, but at ArborCarolina we perform all pruning or trimming only at the highest standards expected of modern professional arborists. Thought is given to tree health, structure and proper placement of cuts to maximize strength and safety while minimizing wounding to the tree.

We are equally at home with your valuable small ornamental trees and shrubs and can offer superior precision pruning and shaping.


Don’t let just anyone with a saw perform work on your trees. Trees can be irreparably damaged by thoughtless pruning. Badly pruned large trees can decrease your property value and become a future hazard.

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Tree Health Assessment

We know trees, and the key to your tree’s continued health starts with the roots and the soil. A surprisingly large number of tree problems originate in the soil and with roots. Trees in the urban environment are under constant stress from construction damage, soil compaction, and physical injury along with the usual host of natural pathogens.

A healthy tree starts with proper planting. We can plant trees or advise on proper planting technique.


We can repair split stems by bolting and cabling or upright and secure toppled trees if they are not too large.

We have the training and experience to diagnose tree problems from the canopy to the roots and to recommend and perform remedial action.

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Other reasons to access trees

We love being in trees! We can access your trees without harm to install and remove holiday lights, install swings properly or mount wildlife nesting boxes or roosts, or for any reason you may need your trees climbed without harm. And of course we are animal lovers and can retrieve your errant cat as well!

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