Who We Are

Who We Are and What We Do

We are arborists, and we practice arboriculture. Arboriculture, or urban tree care is an important emerging discipline aimed at understanding and providing the best care possible for the trees we share our living spaces with, from the roots to the top of the canopy. Trees and their care is not just our profession, but also our passion, and so we strive to stay current on all exciting new developments and techniques that benefit trees and properties.

We specialize in quiet, controlled work, whether pruning, repairing, planting or removing trees. We leave a very soft ‘footprint’ and are especially suited to working in tight places where heavy equipment cannot go, and we take exceptional care to ensure that other trees, shrubs, turf and garden plantings are not damaged during work.


Who We Are Not, and What We Don’t Do

We do not perform trimming or pruning practices that have been proven to be detrimental to trees. This includes tree topping, and using spikes on trees that are not being removed.

This is what we think about poor work:

We do not apply pesticides or recommend fertilizers without a proper diagnosis.

It’s easy to find a guy with a truck and chainsaw who is willing to remove branches from a tree, ‘top’ trees or remove whole trees. Some services will come knocking on your door after storms or when they just happen to be in the neighborhood. Although these guys may or may not do a good job, and may or may not have insurance, and may or may not have trained and skilled staff, it’s not the way professional tree services operate.

Click here for our list of tips for choosing a competent tree service professional.



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